Finally, somebody put together the perfect interactive bar trivia game…

(It’s Geeks Who Drink. Duh!)

Sleep-inducing drone videos? “Just for fun” poker? Stale-ass trivia on grubby little tablets? Forget ’em all!

ReFlex Trivia is the definitive solution to increasing dwell time in your bar or restaurant. Handcrafted by America’s leaders in pub quiz, ReFlex features only the very cleverest questions and LOL-funniest jokes, sourced from our crazy-deep database and brought bang-up-to-date on a weekly basis.

With local and national leaderboards updated after every question, it’ll keep your guests glued to their seats and trying to prove their superiority, literally any time you’re open!

ReFlex Trivia gets to your TV via inexpensive equipment you can get anywhere. Your patrons play it on the phones they already have.

Put it together, and the advantage is clear: If you sign up after lunch rush, they’ll be playing before happy hour (and maybe all the way through happy hour too). All for the wee, sad little price of $195 per month.*

*Want live-hosted weekly trivia too? Ask us about our bundle discounts. Go on, ask!


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ReFlex Trivia is still in production, but it is coming fast! Give us your information below and we’ll keep in touch directly for more info and release dates.